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The Giorgenti Tie Experience

Janine Giorgenti: Your Tie Expert
Janine Giorgenti:
Your Tie Expert
We have created BestCustomTies.com in order to fulfill your clothing needs. This is the newest addition to our existing sites, BestCustomShirt.com and BestCustomPants.com.

In designing our tie site, Janine Giorgenti has carefully created ties to match our beautiful collection of custom shirts. The best part is that you will enjoy the online experience of seeing your shirt and tie combination before making your purchase. We hope this innovative visual tool will enhance your custom shopping experience at Giorgenti.

Unlike any other tie site, our site allows you to select ties based on your eye color, hair color and skin tone. Click here to create your own color profile. Our proprietary online image consultation software will show you the best ties for you.

We offer an elegant collection of patterned and woven silk ties in regular and extra long sizes. Our ties are made of the finest imported silk and each tie is hand cut and meticulously made with superior craftsmanship. Click here to view our beautiful necktie collection now.

Customer Testimonials

"There are a few luxuries in life which I enjoy more than others. A custom shirt and silk tie is one...especially from Giorgenti. I have been their loyal customer for about 15 years. I would like to say that their shirts and ties are the best things I've worn since I got out of my hockey jersey. They look great, make me feel comfortable and project my best image. Why don't you try one for yourself? I can assure you you'll stand out like a true champ." 

Bob Nystrom
Former New York Islanders
Stanley Cup Champion

“For someone in my business, appearance counts, and I am so glad I can count on Janine to help me look my very best.”

Irwin Kellner
Chief Economist for CBS